Dragon*Con 2015

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Labor Day Weekend, I was lucky enough to attend Dragon*Con 2015 as Hawkeye from The Avengers. I went in my DisneyBound attire. For those of you who don’t know, DisneyBounding is when you use your every day clothes to symbolise characters without spending tons of money on pieces you may never use again. I love doing it (started by Lesliekay, totally not my idea- find her on Tumblr or Instagram!)

First, I bought a bow and some arrows from Party City and spray painted them black. I tried to make a small quiver, but the odds were not in my favour so I left that piece unused. Then I picked up some accessories like a black hair flower, Paisley-esque tights, and combat boots to complete the look. Throw on my arrow earrings and faux-arrowhead necklace and Hawkeye was ready to go!

image image image image

My final look!image image

Had to throw in my “I love arrows” pose!


“Fauxlove” Video

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Back in June (oh man, so long ago, oops), I was commissioned by a friend to make a toga for a music video he was working on for Phillmysoul. I readily agreed, as it had been a while since I was able to sink my teeth into something creative, and I love a challenge. I had never made anything from a racy like that before but I figured why not try.

I began my crafting at Hobby Lobby, buying the fabric. I bought two types, one cotton and one more flexible and flowing to allow for a more ethereal feel to the dress. I also acquired gold accessories to add some colour to the costume.

image image image

I met with the actress who would be wearing the dress and got her fitted for both pieces. Since white is so see-thru, I decided to layer the cotton as a tube dress under the flowing material for texture.

image image image image

Over the next two days, I was able to take all the measurements and pinning I did to put together the dress. I used elastic in the tube dress to keep it in place, then assembled the gold belt and over toga, including the slit for the belt. That way, the sleeve was more of a wing, giving more ability for motion and flow to the actress.

image image image image image

Below is the final product in action!


The music video is online, “Fauxlove” by Phillmysoul. I only have a private link, but you can Google search and find it on the Instagram of the artist.

“Holden On”

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It has been quite a while- my apologizes, I was invited to work on a film and, of course, had to say yes! A month put into pre- and production, and it was worth it every day.

The movie is titled “Holden On.” It’s based on the true story of Holden Layfield and how his life is changed while dealing with schizophrenia and drug dependency. The film was well done and should turn out to be a beautiful work.

I worked in Wardrobe(obviously) as the Wardrobe Assistant/ (unofficial) Set Costumer. While there were a few bumps here and there, overall it was a wonderful experience. I also met a few locals, so hopefully more work will come my way? **fingerscrossed**

Anyway! Here are some pics from the set! (Possibly more to come later.)



DSCN2559   DSCN2561  DSCN2563

DSCN2578   DSCN2581  DSCN2601IMG_1519   IMG_1522   IMG_1526IMG_1586   IMG_1591   IMG_1597DSCN2591   DSCN2615   DSCN2616

IMG_1405   IMG_1486 IMG_1490

IMG_1555   IMG_1559   IMG_1578

IMG_1582   IMG_1584   IMG_1593

IMG_1594   IMG_1596   IMG_1621


Music Video Shoot

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This past weekend, I was asked to do Wardrobe/Set Decoration for a music video shooting in northern Georgia. It wasn’t a paying gig, but there was reimbursement and the opportunity to work with some people I’ve worked with before (a few of the cast and crew from “Pool Party”- great people). I purchased a lot of the props, such as art supplies, a stool, kitchen tools and dining ware, sand, and food items for the shoot. I also acquired a black skin suit for one of the actors- luckily, we were shooting before Halloween 🙂

The set was at a cabin in north Georgia, fairly remote and difficult to get to (narrow roads are not my friends!), but a perfect setting for the video. The cast and crew worked well together, everyone got along, and the finished product is on the way. From what the dailies looked like, the completed project will be stunning. Below are some pictures I took of the set decorating process, mostly for continuity purposes, and my eye making process for the skin suit.



IMG_1153    IMG_1151

IMG_1150     IMG_1146

IMG_1143     IMG_1142

IMG_1139     IMG_1136

IMG_1134     IMG_1126

IMG_1124     IMG_1120

IMG_1119     IMG_1118

IMG_1117     IMG_1115

IMG_1104     IMG_1094


The Last Rescue

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“The Last Rescue” trailer

Hey all! The trailer for the World War II movie I worked on last year is online. I was the Costume Supervisor/Set Costumer. It was one of the best cast and crew collaborations I could have been selected to work on. I’m desperate to get back out there!

Click the link above, check it out, and enjoy!